Our Vision

Ride – Eat – Sleep – Repeat !!!

The Problem

Have you ever tried to find an event or Riding group in your city. Have you wanted to join a Cycling or motor Cycling event in your city. We found it really difficult to go through Facebook and other websites to find Cycling and Motor Cycling groups operating around. If we wanted to join any Cycling and Motor Cycling events happening in our city we could not find them at one place. Your friends a local newspaper or Facebook or a billboards while driving to work might not be good enough to give you these details. We are sure you also feel upset about missing events and regret if you get to know about it later as the same has happened to us. The current options were just not good enough. How would you like to be notified whenever an interesting event happens and you are first to be informed ? Get recommendations basis your availability and allow you to choose how to spend your time and money ?

Our Solution

One Stop shop for all your Riding needs

At www.Indialovestoride.com , we have a list of all the groups operating in your area. We also list all events and also allow our members to find amazing events of your interest. We are slowly adding more groups and events around India. All this related to Cycling and Motorcyling in your city.

You can now explore events and based on your interests, location and availability join the ones that you want. We also provide details for each event and reviews when available, to help you spend wisely. Set alerts for your interests and get informed about relevant events.

We just want to help the riding community and our biker brothers to have wonderful Riding events.

Someone’s well said “Never get so Busy making a living that you forget to make life” so we provide you a list of options to make Life.


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Bajaj Avenger Club


Down Town RIders

The Adventurous Voyagers