Brevet LOC 1000 Edition 13 Attari Rail Stn,Wagah Border, Golden Temple

  • October 28, 2022
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Start Date 28/10/22
Start Time 4:30 AM
End Date 30/10/22
End Time 8:00 PM
Location New Delhi India

Event Description

elcome to Brevet LOC 1000,Attari/Wagha Border –
Jo Bole So Nihal..Sat Shri Akal….
Vande Mataram.
All out station riders can now plan their travels accordingly….Welcome to Delhi
We feel proud announcing again this epic Brevet Journey of 1000 Kilometers for the 13th time , this time starting from The Bike Shop Green Park , New Delhi ,traversing through Kurukshetra, Ambala, Karnal, Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar and going all the way to Wagha( Attari) border between India and Pakistan. We shall also take a Halt at Attari Railway Station which will be our Time Stamping station also
The route is scenic with green belts on either side of the road all the way and the roads are absolutely well asphalted
What’s more epic to the ride is that you would be riding all throughout the famous Gran…d Trunk road
The rules of the Ride are same as before . We are posting this ride early as we are expecting a lot of riders from all over the country to be a part of this Epic Brevet and they need to plan their trip to Delhi.
Rules and instructions for Delhi Randonneurs Brevets.
1. The ‘Delhi Randonneurs Brevets’ cycling event is being organized by Delhi Randonneurs and its authorized representatives, herewith referred as ‘Delhi Randonneurs’ or ‘the Organizers’.
2. These brevets are open to any amateur cyclist, above 18 years in age, regardless of his or her cycling affiliations.
3. Any form of human-powered vehicle is acceptable. The only stipulation is that the vehicle must be powered solely by the rider.
4. To participate in a brevet a rider must complete a registration form and pay a registration fee set by Delhi Randonneurs along with signing a waiver of Liabilities.
5. During the event, each rider is considered to be on a personal ride. The rider must ride in accordance with all applicable traffic codes and obey all traffic signals.
6. The Delhi Randonneurs, organizers and its representatives cannot and do not accept responsibility for any accidents that may occur before, during and post event (result of event).
7. For night riding, vehicles must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the vehicle. Lights must be fully functional at all times (Spare lights are strongly recommended; spare bulbs are required). At least one of the rear lights must be in a steady (rather than flashing) mode. Riders not complying with all these requirements will not be permitted to start.
8. Lights must be on from dusk to dawn and at any other times when poor visibility conditions exist (rain, fog, etc.). Each rider, whether riding in a group or by himself, must fully comply with this requirement. Everyone must use their lights! All riders must wear a reflective vest, sash, Sam Browne belt, or some other device that clearly places reflective material on the front and back of the rider.
9. Any violation of these night riding rules will result in the immediate disqualification of the rider.
10. Each rider must be self sufficient. No follow cars or support of any kind are permitted on the course.
Personal support is only allowed at checkpoints. Any violation of this requirement will result in immediate disqualification.
11. At the start, though the organizer may create groups, as everyone rides at his or her own pace, a rider could go out the group at any time. No rider can be considered as group leader. All distinctive signs (jersey,armband, etc…) or title (road captain) to indicate superiority are not allowed. All riders are required to conduct themselves in a civil manner and abide by all applicable vehicle codes, laws, and regulations. All riders are required to respect local customs with regards to decorum.
12. At the start, each rider will receive a DR Brevet Card and a cue sheet indicating the route and the location of the checkpoints. Riders must stay on the route. If a rider leaves the route, they must return to the route at the same point prior to continuing, ie. no shortcuts or detours from the route, unless specified by the organizer. Riders must stop at each checkpoint to have their card stamped. Organizers may also include unannounced checkpoints along the route. This assures that everyone will stay on the prescribed route.
13. The Organizers may have checkpoints with no member of the organizing staff present. At these checkpoints riders must get their DR Brevet Card stamped at a local establishment that the organizer specifies as a checkpoint, such as a grocery store or gas station. Checkpoint information to be noted on the DR Brevet Card includes the time and the date of passage (for brevets that extend beyond 24 hours).
14. Missing checkpoint stamps, missing checkpoint times, or loss of the DR Brevet Card (regardless of how far into the ride a rider is) will result in disqualification. Each rider is responsible for seeing that his DR Brevet Card is properly completed at each checkpoint.
15. Additionally, riders must arrive at each checkpoint between the opening and closing time for the checkpoint. These times are noted on the DR Brevet Card with the information for the checkpoints. Riders must arrive at each checkpoint between the start and the finish while the checkpoint is open. If a rider arrives at a checkpoint after it has closed and the ride organizer is satisfied that the rider’s lateness is due to the occurrence of something unforeseen and beyond the control of the rider (such as stopping to help at a traffic accident or a road closure), then the ride organizer may waive the fact that the rider arrived at the control late and allow the rider to continue. Poor bicycle or equipment maintenance, fatigue, lack of fitness, hunger, etc. are not unforeseen and beyond the control of the rider and therefore will not serve as a valid reason for being late. Subject to the foregoing, failure to make all checkpoints, even if the brevet is done within the overall time limit, will result in disqualification.
16. Any fraud, cheating, or deliberate violation of these rules may result in the exclusion of the rider from all Delhi Randonneurs sponsored events.
17. At the finish, the rider must sign his DR Brevet Card and return it to the event organizer.
18. These rides are not competitive events, so no rider classifications are made.
19. While taking part in a Delhi Randonneurs Brevets, the riders accept the publication of their identity and the time achieved in the results published by the organizers. Their identity will never be used at commercial purposes or to be transmitted to a third party for this purpose.
20. Any rider who registers for and Joins the Delhi Randonneurs brevets agrees by these actions to the following: Any complaint or question concerning the event or its organization must be submitted to the organizer in writing, within 48 hours from the finish of the event.
please call 8447782233
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New Delhi India

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